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Welcome to the World of Work!

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

What I hope to share with you in this blog will be my ideas – typically rooted in fact and always opinionated – that will be expressed with the expectation that we are all honest brokers who are trying to obtain similar outcomes. People will disagree. They will provide different priorities. They will explain why I am wrong.

And that is okay.

I am not any smarter than the next person, nor do I have more experience than many people, but the experiences I do have are diverse and at senior levels. I am here to share my thoughts and my unique experiences, and I am open to discover, listen, and learn.

My grandma always says, “Orden, costumbre, y moralidad.”

Which, I have translated for my use here into: I hope to conduct this blog and this space in an organized manner, demonstrate our best habits, and keep it clean!

My intent is not to dictate or provide mandates on how things should be done but to share what I hope is a unique view of our mutual interactions in a space that most of us spend the majority of our waking hours in – work. I will share what I see as best practices that are grounded in actual delivery, outcome-based data from multiple sources (where possible) and provide my personal observations on improvement opportunities.

My viewpoint comes from being an advisor to many different types of people and organizations. On this blog and website, you will get ideas and pointers on approaches to building productive team outcomes, highlight the value of inclusion, focus on client priorities, and improve your bottom line.

I am pragmatic, for the most part. My approach, to the dismay of social advocates and union bosses and the surprise of business leaders, is: “If it don’t make money, it don’t make sense.” In other words, if it does not advance the needs of the enterprise, it will fail the organization as a strategy and hurt its workforce over time.

To be clear: I do consider myself a worker advocate. I believe the success of a business is predicated on the value it generates through its workforce. This runs through every fiber of a business, from product development and technology deployment to customer service and retention. You may be wondering how I balance this position against bottom-line impacts. For me, it is simple: a happy, well-trained, and empowered workforce generates high-quality products and services – which are profitable.

Join me as we explore the World of Work.

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